What they're saying about Showtools


“I am totally and utterly sold on your Showtools software. I love it. I'm really impressed and it's saving me so much time it's not funny. Really well done, thank you.”

Genevieve Martin: Production Manager



“It's really useful when production has a bunch of info up there and crew can look at it ahead of time. Just getting the callsheet the night before is a bit useless. Everyone should be using it.”

Jason Binnie: Camera



“Showtools makes it easy for me to get my profile and show-reel in front of the right people and is a invaluable source of information to find out whats happening in the industry.”

Lee Allison: Camera



“Showtools is a great device for document and information sharing throughout all stages of production. It also works brilliantly as a tree-saving job archive. Just as well, because the filing cabinet behind my desk is groaning with pre-Showtools paperwork. Can’t fit any more in.”

Kerin Casey: Producer



“I saw a Work Alert on Showtools, sent my profile off and landed a good job in Sydney. The fact that I can work in more than one country using Showtools is so perfect and it just goes to show if you're a Showtools Ninja, magic can happen!”

Lissy Turner: Costume Designer



“A fantastic and, once tried, indispensable production project management tool. HOD’s can share and store information, the production book and the workbook tools are the best in the marketplace, not to mention the positive sustainability outcomes, that’s just a fraction of the benefits, it really is a no-brainer for every production.”

Ivan Barge: Producer



“These days I think information stored online is key, it’s accessible from wherever you are.  We use Showtools to manage our studio bookings online.  I know when I’ve had to work remotely or from home this has been a great way to save time and being able to access documents and information from anywhere is a great advantage.  Highly recommend.”

Roxi Bull: Studio Manager



“I’ve been using Showtools a lot for both my Drama and Commercial projects. I find it really handy as a pre-production hub, with all the casting, locations and crew all in one place and able to look at the same things. I’ve pulled it up on my laptop on the fly, so many times now I think its become indispensable to me.”

Paolo Rotondo: Director



“Showtools, is an everyday must read/must watch for us, it’s an integral part of our industry “intel”, and it’s a tool that can only be enhanced further."

Richard Lander: Studio Facilities Manager Avalon Film & Television Studios.



"The callsheet facility on Showtools saved my arse. It's genius."

Simon Mark-Brown: Producer / Director - 'The Catch'



"Just a note of thanks for Showtools. It was new to a number of us but quickly proved it’s worth as a means of communication and of storage. Whilst the production staff and crew were busy with it during shooting, as a producer, it will probably be of most value to me in post production. With all elements of the movie stored on Showtools, I expect our delivery to be easier than before. Thanks for taking care of us and I look forward to seeing you next time."

Tim Sanders: Producer - 'Kiwi Christmas'



"We found it really useful in just being able to access all the information. Everybody could just tap into it at any time they liked, so hats off to you I say."

Tony Simpson: Director - 'Kiwi Christmas'



"Hey guys, the website looks great, good to have a booking come through and even worked out how to accept it!! Cheers."

Greg Nalder: Gaffer 



"Just FYI our agency on this job (GPY&R) is loving Showtools - they call it Cool Tools!"

Leela Menon: Producer



"I've used the 'send profile' feature a number of times and it's great! People can see my most recent projects, my availability for the next month and all of my contact details. I got a hit back from The Downlow Concept after using this feature and I'm going to meet them tomorrow about working on a drama series that starts six weeks of filming in September."

Dale Dick: Production



"It streamlined the distribution of information brilliantly, whilst capturing all my own IP. In the end it saved a forest."

James Heyward: Executive Producer - 'Abandoned'



"As a producer I found Showtools to be an incredibly useful, practical and well designed production tool. It had enough grunt to cope with the huge amounts of material generated by a feature film, and is incredibly cost effective.  It especially shined during preproduction as a centralised home for all our departments to collaborate wherever they were in the country. From casting to costume design to art department - everything was available on Showtools. No-one was ever out of the loop, from call sheet distribution to group text messages."

Andrew Beattie: Producer - 'Deathgasm'



"We can always find location photos, casting sheets, crew contracts etc (anything you want) as it's right there in Showtools. The basics of the system are very easy to learn. The more you use it, the deeper you can go."

Tim Judson: Production